Mikumi’s accessibility makes it an ideal Park for a safari. The name Mikumi comes from the Swahili word “Mikoma” meaning dominant vegetation covering the plains. This Park will give you a true taste of an African safari. The Park has a variety of wildlife that can be easily seen. Its proximity to Dar Es Salaam makes it an ideal place for weekend visitors who don’t have to spend a long time on an extended safari itinerary.


Mikumi National Park 3 Days/2Nights

Day 1 : Dar Es Salaam to Mikumi National Park


After breakfast depart for Matembezi Safari Lodge on the border of Mikumi National Park. Lunch in Morogoro Town then proceed to the Lodge. Afternoon Maasai Village Tour. Campfire, Dinner and Overnight.

Day 2 : Mikumi National Park


After breakfast depart for a Full Day Game drive in Mikumi National Park with Lunch boxes. Late afternoon return to the Lodge. Campfire, Dinner and Overnight.

Day 3 : Return to Dar Es Salaam

After breakfast. Morning at leisure. Have lunch at the Lodge or depart with Lunch boxes for your drive back to Dar es Salaam.

Walking Safari

Mikumi National Park  Walking Safari

Walking safari in Mikumi national park is done through two established walking trails. The walking trails pass through some game areas which guarantee visitors with the high chance to see game animals on the walk. While on the walking you shall be escorted by an armed ranger for the safety purpose. For long walking safari, move towards the north to Chamgore hills or for a short walking safari you can just climb the vuma hills.

Normally the walking safari is done in the morning or evening hours when the temperature is low. During this time animals are also active searching for their food taking advantage of the cool temperature. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature comprised of bird songs, animals’ voices and insects’ sounds.

This tour can be done all the year round but it is the best during the dry season when grass are short.


Mikumi National Park Night Game Drive

Mikumi national park offers night game drive activity that is carried out with an armed park ranger and it starts at around 8:00pm after dinner up to 11:00pm. During the night game drive you will get an opportunity to view nocturnal animals like lions, leopards, hyenas among others


Experience the real lifestyle of the Maasai tribe. Originally from Northern Tanzania, these nomadic people have established communities throughout Tanzania.

Normally, the tour is conducted in the evening between 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

You will get to see how they divide labour in the society and how they manage their cattle. You will also see how they perform their traditional dances and songs. You may want to support them by buying some of their handmade crafts.


Ngoma is a Kiswahili term which means traditional dance. … It emerged that a range of factors drive innovation in this dance form, including the dancers’ quest for recognition, their individual creativity, the performers’ desire to discover and display unique identities.

Book now to experience the traditional Ngoma dance offered by Matembezi Safari Lodge.

Maasai & Tourists

The bush walk is normally  2 hours in the morning starting @ 6:00am to 8:am.  An experienced guide will lead you through the bush, showing survival techniques  such as the use of  medicinal plants, how to climb  trees for safety from animals  and how he finds food and water. During your walk, you may see a few animals such as elephants, monkeys  and a variety of birds.